Sunday, January 21, 2007

No Cricket on TV!

Breaking away from my usual photographs, I really had to rant about this. Cricket in India is nothing less than a religion. A match on a sunday is the sweeetest thing that can happen to millions of us around here. School going kids, working professionals, businessmen and just about everyone else in sight will agree that the best way to spend a sunday would be to sit at home with family and see India play. And then celebrate if we do manage to win.

Now, picture this... Dada is back in the team after a long time... we expect him to show off some fireworks, all of us geared up to see some good cricket, never mind the poor showing in South Africa, we can never be too angry at our gods, u see, lo and behold, u realize there is no live/delayed telecast. The I&B ministry, so prompt in banning AXN for showing an 'Adult' program well after 11 pm which is very much within guidelines, thinks nothing of not being able to telecast a match that is being held in that very far off place, India. It was almost like I was back in the US. Sitting in front of the computer and seeing the commentator go gaga over the cricket. Everytime he wrote Dada on fire, typical ODI shot, typically Tendulkar, Meaty blow by Dhoni, Sublime stuff from Dravid, I would go on flipping channels all the way from 0-99 in the hope that the cable operators might have gotten the channel's feed from somewhere.

Mr. Munshi, (the I&B minister), please stop deciding what we should and we should not see. If u want to continue doing that, ensure that u can atleast arrange for millions to see what they want to see. Banning something that a handful mite have seen (what with the millions of BPO employees who work nites and have no chance of seeing what was shown on AXN) is all good, shows u are awake and are working actively to make sure that u are spoonfeeding us all the satellite feed that we get. But ensure that millions like us who want to have some simple pleasures of life like watching a cricket match that India plays in India, get that gift...

PS: Someone, show me some highlights plzzzzzzzz.....

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