Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The massacre at Virginia Tech had me in tears as I read the gruesome details of the incident. What can prompt someone to such a dastardly and ghastly act? I ask myself this question over and over again. I shudder repeatedly at the thought that someone can take so many lives. Walk from classroom to classroom shooting scores of your fellow students - what kind of a demented, twisted mind did the shooter have that he could do all this and not flinch one bit?

I do not even know if this is even vaguely connected with this post, but recently I saw an audition for a talent hunt for children on TV. Kids, aged between 5-10 yrs came out dressed in their best, sang their songs and on not being selected, I could see them crying their hearts out. What has been put in their minds at such a tender age, I wondered! That is the age when they should be taught to enjoy participating in a competition and come out happy that they had a good Sunday. Instead, here they were crying their hearts out. What are parents putting in their minds? What was in the mind of this loner that made him do this?

It is easy to blame the oldest of culprits, one that drives a man to abandon all rhyme and reason and behave in an inhuman manner - love. I would beg of everyone involved in the investigation, however, not to trivialize this in the name of love and recognize the deeper malaise within. There is a growing tendency towards violence in this generation and the easy access to guns and the ilk is just making the situation all the more volatile. Teach the younger generation that it is OK to lose sometimes. Teach them to take a loss with a smile and not upon their hearts. It hurts when you lose, but remember that a loss can spur you on to victories later in life, provided you decide to have a later!

My heart goes out to all the 32 casualties and the gunmen himself. He probably needed help, help that he will never get now. The other 32 casualties, I'm stuck here looking at the word casualty and I somehow am ashamed at using that word. The 32 victims of this mindless massacre, all of you are brave people who, I'm sure, must have tried to stand up for each other until the last moment. My heart is with your families, who must have been waiting for you to come back for lunch or dinner...I cannot imagine the extent of their grief at this moment. All I can do is say a silent prayer to god and wish your souls rest in peace.

I read on CNN on that all the students are going to wear their VT hokies as a sign of unity. This is something that I observed in an American campus. Nothing binds people more than a tragedy and the unity that all the students show in the face of such incidents is awe inspiring. Such shows of solidarity after this "tragedy of monumental proportions" - as President George W. Bush put it, make us believe that all is not lost yet. We might still have time to set things right.

RIP: The 33 people killed in the Virginia Tech shootout.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Get a Life, Losers!!!

Richard Gere kisses Shilpa Shetty, Shilpa has fun, Gere has fun and all of India has fun watching endless replays of the same on NEWS channels. Some people, who have nothing better to do go on a rampage, hold protests and disrupt public life. Last week someone filed a public interest litigation against Sachin Tendulkar cause he cut a cake that was fashioned after a tricolor and someone else decided that Mr. Narayana Murthy had disrespected the national anthem by playing out the tune of the same instead of singing it.

For me, this seriously shows the level of joblessness in India. All you so called social activists, please go on and get yourself a life. If you really want to help the society, go do something about a real cause. The whole focus of the Shilpa - Gere meeting was AIDS awareness. Instead of protesting about something insignificant and taking the focus away from the prime issue at hand, go do something useful. You may not gain your fifteen minutes of notoriety, but you will gain the good will of the ones that you help. And as far as we being Indians and hating PDA, please walk around any major city in India today and you will find far more blatant displays of the same. And for gods sake stop destroying public property for every possible excuse. All that is wealth created by the taxes paid by hard working citizens. Vent your anger by beating up your co-activists - that would also be an extremely useful thing to do. Do not stop buses full of people going back home after a hard days work and make them get down and smash windows.

All the money and the energy spent on protests can be better utilized. Go help spread awareness about STD's. Go to an old age home and listen to an old mother's tale. Go to an orphanage and help cook a day's meal. Go to a village and help in cleaning a drain. Instead of holding up traffic, go help in clearing a jam. I would infact encourage all these activists to take up fasts unto death until their demands are met - would help in cleaning up a lot of them and all the food they dont eat can feed many needy stomachs.

One reason for this outburst is the traffic jam that I was stuck in this evening due to a protest. It was about the Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty incident. This was something long overdue and today's experience just brought things to a head. Please, stop devaluing the value of a protest. A rightful protest for an important cause is stronger than anything anyone could think of. That was what brought us our independence. Finally, GO GET A LIFE, LOSERS!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

U dont get second chances to make first impressions!

I always strongly beleive that this is wrong. Whatever might be your first impression of a person, there is always a chance that you have chanced upon them at the wrong moment and caught just the facet that is completely opposite to what a person actually is. No examples better than our star kids to illustrate this.

The first impression we form of these hugely burdened beings is dependent on the impression we have on their family. Son/daughter of a big star simply implies that he/ she is a super performer by themselves. This is often not the case as acting, even though it has to come naturally, is definitely not hereditary. One bad movie is all it takes for us to write these guys off, especially since they are star kids, the patience levels that we show towards non- star kids being infinitely more.

All this because I saw a movie yesterday. It was called 'Dhee'has and it starred Vishnu, whose dad Dr. Mohan Babu is one of the finest actors that the Telugu film industry has produced. Now this guy had a disastrous launch, a couple of forgettable movies and then made the mistake of remaking Sarfarosh and Taxi No. 9211, two movies that were memorable sheerly for the strength of the performances by their lead actors. People wrote obituaries about this guy and all but confirmed that this guys' future was over. This particular movie does not find buyers and waits in the cans for an eternity before finally releasing during a lull period. And surprisingly enough, here it turns out that this is the movie that might give this guy success.

Considering the number of movies made in India every year, it is really difficult to write a new story for a movie. What determines the success of a movie is how an old story is told in a new and refreshing manner. At the end of a tiring day's work, what people want to really see is a movie that entertains them and that was this movie's forte. A simple storyline with a taut screenplay, the right amount of guffaws in every other scene and the right number of dishum-dishums without excessive gore ensured that this movie was a good watch. If only for the lack of something better, I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for some good timepass.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Another beautiful moment from an Indian Wedding.
The groom putting the Toe rings onto the beautifully painted feet of the bride...