Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where to now???

How did we manage to lose that? Blame it on Tendlia of course...Naaa, this is not going to be another lambasting for the Tendlia critics. Im curious as to what the selectors will do now. Sehwag has failed(?) yet again. What now? Do we get him onto the plane to the Carribean? Robin Uthappa seems quite a wise choice as of now, but does he have enuf exposure or experience? I dont envy Mr. Vengsarkar's his job, darned if he does, darned if he does not. Two more matches left, Sehwag will have to do something spectacular now if he wants that coveted birth.

There was another match today that could well prove extremely important in the buildup to the World Cup. England upset Australia's applecart today and Australia did not do themselves any favors by putting in a listless batting performance. There have been questions for long about Australia's aging team. However, the desire for revenge for their Ashes loss seemed to fill the aging team with new strength and the 5-0 whitewash showed they were in top form. The first few matches of the CB series proved mere confirmations of their form. However, England, who were on the verge of being written off completely, quite literally pulled a few rabbits out of their hats and romped home to a series victory that will go a long way in boosting their morale ahead of the world cup and shattering Australia's. The good news for Australia is that they still have three matches against NZ to redeem themselves. The one catch taken by Jamie Dalrymple today is utterly representative of how one performance can inspire an entire team. Being horizontal four feet in the air and taking a one handed catch with your left hand - or rather beleiving u can do it - showed England's desperation for a much needed win. The crowd went up in a collective gasp loud enuf to be heard in England when the catch was replayed on the large screen. I would think that was the moment when the fight in Australia just died out!

The build up to this World Cup is proving to be uber interesting and I, for one, hope that every match in the World Cup proves to be a nail biter. Who will win finally? Well, may the best team win...

PS: The best team being India of course!

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