Monday, April 16, 2007

Get a Life, Losers!!!

Richard Gere kisses Shilpa Shetty, Shilpa has fun, Gere has fun and all of India has fun watching endless replays of the same on NEWS channels. Some people, who have nothing better to do go on a rampage, hold protests and disrupt public life. Last week someone filed a public interest litigation against Sachin Tendulkar cause he cut a cake that was fashioned after a tricolor and someone else decided that Mr. Narayana Murthy had disrespected the national anthem by playing out the tune of the same instead of singing it.

For me, this seriously shows the level of joblessness in India. All you so called social activists, please go on and get yourself a life. If you really want to help the society, go do something about a real cause. The whole focus of the Shilpa - Gere meeting was AIDS awareness. Instead of protesting about something insignificant and taking the focus away from the prime issue at hand, go do something useful. You may not gain your fifteen minutes of notoriety, but you will gain the good will of the ones that you help. And as far as we being Indians and hating PDA, please walk around any major city in India today and you will find far more blatant displays of the same. And for gods sake stop destroying public property for every possible excuse. All that is wealth created by the taxes paid by hard working citizens. Vent your anger by beating up your co-activists - that would also be an extremely useful thing to do. Do not stop buses full of people going back home after a hard days work and make them get down and smash windows.

All the money and the energy spent on protests can be better utilized. Go help spread awareness about STD's. Go to an old age home and listen to an old mother's tale. Go to an orphanage and help cook a day's meal. Go to a village and help in cleaning a drain. Instead of holding up traffic, go help in clearing a jam. I would infact encourage all these activists to take up fasts unto death until their demands are met - would help in cleaning up a lot of them and all the food they dont eat can feed many needy stomachs.

One reason for this outburst is the traffic jam that I was stuck in this evening due to a protest. It was about the Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty incident. This was something long overdue and today's experience just brought things to a head. Please, stop devaluing the value of a protest. A rightful protest for an important cause is stronger than anything anyone could think of. That was what brought us our independence. Finally, GO GET A LIFE, LOSERS!

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Renu said...

Hmm, so a traffie jam triggered such a blog. The kiss would probably have been forgotten if the media people would have left it alone. Well for one I am not sure how replaying the whole episode on news N number of times is going to help the protests.