Friday, June 01, 2007

The Eternal Question - Chicken or Egg!

This is one tricky question that a lot of people quote when in a tricky situation. I was asked a similar question in an entirely different context today. India is a democracy, while we are at it, let me emphasize that we are the world's largest democracy. It is the people who elect their leaders, whoever they decide to crown king becomes a pain in the neck for the next 5 years, or as long as people are willing to have them in power. Why then, does India have so much corruption? Why then, do we have leaders who can stoop to any levels? Why then, do we have leaders who help in human trafficking? Is it a case of the people electing bad leaders? Or is it a case of good people turning bad once they are elected?

The question was very similar to the chicken and egg conundrum. Who is to blame can never be decided. When one candidate has served 4 years in prison and another has served 6 years, it is natural for people to vote for the guy who has served 4 years. For them, it is afterall a case of choosing the lesser evil. In states like Bihar, no one apparently steps out of their houses on election day. Government employees treat election day like another holiday. This is because, no matter who comes to power, their lives will go on in pretty much the same fashion, whereas if they decide to elect a person to power, there will be no life in future to discuss. In such a scenario, how can we expect that a person will elect who he thinks is just, fair and honest (blah, blah and mmore blah).

To our leaders there is only one thing I think that is applicable for them. We do not begrudge you your positions. You need to make money while the sun shines and by all means go ahead and do it. All I ask is that even if you pocket 25% of the funds received by any project, ensure that the remaining goes to public work. Akin to our cricketers who are in form. They get ads, sponsors and the works immediately after a couple ok knocks. And we do not begrudge the money they earn and do not raise our voice until they get knocked out of the world cup. Similarly, we know that you have spent a lot to become an MLA or an MP. Earn it back but do some worthwhile work meanwhile.

Which again brings us back to the first thing! Why is the MLA having to spend so much to win the elections? This is happening because votes are being sold. Corrupt people are electing corrupt governments. Which again brings us back to the questions? Are the people corrupt or is it the politicians???

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