Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Regionalism is rearing its ugly head in India. This is not because the common man has any interest in whether the auto he takes to work is driven by a north indian or because the theatre near his place is playing a Tamil movie. Again, a few politicians who only have their selfish interests at heart are playing their cards in such a manner so as to incite people against each other.

Take the recent fallout of the incidents in Mumbai...After Raj Thackeray's statement, tens of thousands of North Indians left Mumbai. Result: Acute shortage of the daily labor that worked in Mumbai's small scale industries, owners unable to run their small businesses and the Mumbaikars who work there also losing their jobs. Just think of a normal Indian middle class man/ woman. Does he/ she care where Amitabh Bacchan is going to start a college, do they have time enough to worry about where the person standing next to them in the train comes from. Do they have time enough to take part in protests against Bacchan saab or to attack North Indian hawkers and taxi drivers. All these protests and attacks are the work of a few political leaders who want to remain in the news at all costs. Have you ever noticed attacks by so called 'Student Leaders' on TV? Do any of these student leaders remotely look like students??? It is time that these stupid political workers as they call themselves realize that they would be much better off doing some legitimate work to feed the waiting mouths at home rather than hanging around the worthless political leaders who use and discard them at their whim and fancy.

And to the MNS, DMK and other political parties who keep playing up the Regional card...India is known for its Unity in Diversity. The East India company was only able to establish its rule over us because of our infighting and we were able to throw them out only when India rose as one against the British rule. Now, for your few moments of fame, do not divide us again. If we need to fight, lets fight against external enemies, not against each other.

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