Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Shoaib Akhtar...errant to an unbeleivable degree!

The PCB finally decided to end the drama once and for all I guess. A 5 year ban on Shoaib Akhtar who is already 32 years old effectively means his career is over. Unless he appeals and the PCB, known for its inconsistency decides to overturn the ban. Cricinfo carried a time line on his offenses and titled it as "A tale of intrigue, injuries and incidents". I would have much rather called it "A tale of Arrogance, Attitude and Aspersions". It is natural for a school teacher to turn a blind eye to some mischief committed by a top ranking student once or twice, but if he becomes a habitual offender, the teacher would be left with no other choice but to discipline him. This is what happened with Shoaib Akhtar too. A classic case of success going to one's head and ruining everything. I doubt if such behavior would have been tolerated for so long anywhere else in the world, but better late than never. Goodbye Shoaib...

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